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C2Change (Channeling Creative Change) Magazine focuses on providing a social justice platform for voiceless and disenfranchised people of color. Initially pitched as a 12-month, yearly, charitable contribution of time, manpower, and financial resources to an emerging organization fighting racial and social injustices; the magazine reorganized, and in 2018, launched as an independent, self-sufficient entity.

Our team is small, but it’s a wonderful team of individuals who really care about what we do. Passionate and dedicated. Honest and respectful. Quirky and personal. Professional but informal. That’s who we are . . .

Through our website, digital magazines, articles and relationships, we are committed to nourishing our communities. Getting better, together, by providing useful information and learning from each other — that’s the spirit that has been our mantra from the beginning.

  • Questions? Please contact us via our website’s contact form. Yep, email would be easier, but we literally get tons of emails; and quite frankly, it’s just easier for us to sort things out (safely) and reply faster.
  • Alternatively, you can contact us via Social Media — we try to reply as fast as we can (remember, we’re a small group of people).
  • You can also use our postal address for random or not-so-random messages:
    C2Change Magazine
    PO Box 98334, Atlanta, GA 30359-2034
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Our Mission

C2Change (Channeling Creative Change) Magazine launched to chronicle and bring attention to social and racial injustices—providing a platform for voiceless and disenfranchised people of color. Founded in 2018, our mission is to build dialogue about personal experiences, community challenges, and cultural struggles; chronicling each experience, challenge and struggle to push for the continual change and betterment of our communities for the next generation.

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