HousingSenator Corey Booker discusses housing in “The Soul of America: Revisiting 1962” issue

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The Soul of America: Revisiting 1962

Housing (1962 vs. 2020) 

Even if a Negro can afford to build a $30,000 [$256,974 in 2020] home, there’s no where to put it except beside the shack in a ghetto for Negroes. — Reuben A. Clay, JET Magazine, June 7, 1962 Issue.

What was Black housing like in 1962?

Discrimination in housing—from Federal programs, to state and local real estate boards, to deeds, leases and neighborhood covenants—dominated Negro life with Blacks relegated to live in overpopulated and underserved areas; those who dared to move (or attempt to move) outside those areas, typically, faced harassment, violence, and even death.

Senator Corey Booker (D-NJ) recounts his family’s 1960’s housing ordeal

Below, 2020 Presidential candidate, Senator Corey Booker, talks about his parent’s ordeal with discrimination in housing in the 1960s and how a community-based sting operation helped combat housing discrimination in the area.

Read Senator Booker’s and other’s stories—from civil rights struggles to struggles in America’s judicial system—in the 18-page spread of The Soul of America: Revisiting 1962 issue where C2Change compares the year 1962 to 2020 in its latest digital magazine at https://issuu.com/c2changemagazine/docs/c2change_magazine_volume_two-issue_one_2021/s/12153005



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