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The Soul of America: Revisiting 1962

Policing (1962 vs. 2020) 
. . . our crimes are catalogued and our patriotism almost forgotten. . . . Our good traits are quietly recalled and our mistakes broadcast loud and long. — Dr. Harzell Taylor, 1962
Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) and former Attorney General William Barr disagree on racism in the U.S., but believe there is no systemic racism in policing.
Sirs, America’s history proves otherwise; and how can you represent “ALL” of America if you don’t know this?

The Civil Rights era saw Blacks being hired to integrate police forces, and the restrictions of only patrolling Negro neighborhoods and not being able to arrest white offenders being removed. Police departments underwent “training” to improve race relations and U.S. Attorney General, Robert F. Kennedy, proposed stronger police brutality laws.

Read about systemic racism in policing and other stories—from civil rights struggles to struggles in America’s judicial system—in the 18-page spread of The Soul of America: Revisiting 1962 issue where C2Change compares the year 1962 to 2020 in its latest digital magazine at https://issuu.com/c2changemagazine/docs/c2change_magazine_volume_two-issue_one_2021/s/12153005

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